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Recent Releases
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

Mahler Symphony no 2
Klemperer / Phil Orchestra
Beethoven Sym No. 6
Reiner / CSO
Sheherazade / Scherchen
Dvorak Sym No. 6
Kertesz / LSO
Elgar Symphony No. 1

Bernstein conducts Copland Tchaikovsky/Piano Con 2 & 3
  Graffman, piano / Ormandy
Richard Strauss Don Quixote
Fournier Cello / Karajan BPO
Choral Music of
Anton Bruckner
Prokofiev Piano Con 1&3
Sonata 3
Count Basie Plays
Joe Williams sings Standards
Ella Fitzgerald with
Nelson Riddle / Orchestra Vol. II
The Himalaya Sessions
Americana Choral Works Music for Flute & Piano
DTR music


Latest News

"HDTT's new Double DSD transfers from the very fine source tapes at High Definition Tape Transfers are a real revelation! The sense of immediacy and the emotional connection to the music are extremely direct, and moved me to my soul. This is how splendid these tapes are, delivered in masterly glory and sensitivity by HDTT; this is how our listening experiences should be; this is what fine audio can deliver: life-blessing and transforming moments with great performances and wonderful composers. What could be better?!
The HDTT Double DSD albums are truly magnificent! They have my highest recommendation."
David Robinson Editor Positive Feedback Online

I listened to all of this music through the Auralic Vega DAC which can handle DSD128 playback and to sum up, it all sounds glorious. There's a natural ease to dynamic swings and an overall relaxed quality that makes listening pure pleasure. The presentations, especially the Shostakovich, put your front row center (or closer) which we can attribute to the original recording and in all of these recordings instruments retain a very nice sense of their natural voice and there's a solidity to musical images as well as a grand sense of scale that draws you into the performance. Bravo!
Michael Lavorgna Editor, AudioStream.com
Gryphon Audio