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Direct Stream Digital

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) actually has been around for a while already, but it has been so married to a physical media, SACD, that it has yet to receive the attention from audiophiles that it deserves. It is only recently with the growing interest in downloading high resolution audio via the internet that DSD surged to the surface of news coverage. What were compelling reasons to use this encoding scheme for SACD over 10 years ago are now becoming convenient truths for the new era of high resolution internet audio. This paper explains the background and nature of DSD and what might happen to it in the near future. You can read the whole article here:  DSD - the New Addiction by Andreas Koch
Thanks to Positive Feedback Online for use of the above article

All of our DSD releases after February 1st will be in the DSF format and they will be tagged with the albums metadata

The titles we offer in DSD 64/128 will have these logos to download the whole album:

When you see this logo this will tell you that the DSD files you are about to purchase were transferred straight to a DSD Analog to Digital converter with no PCM conversion for editing or processing. This means you are getting the purist transfer right off the original tape master.
At HDTT we strive to get you the best sound possible and with our Pure DSD releases we believe we have accomplished this.

If the title is not recorded in "Pure DSD"
We use our DXD 24bit/352.8khz master files and Weiss Saracon SRC program to create our DSD files.

Our DFF audio files can be accessed directly from the .zip file using a free PC-Windows such as 7-Zip or many other similar utilities on the PC like WinZip
for Mac OS X zip extractor stuff-it or WinZip Mac.

Download Sample DSD64 DFF Files:
Gould Interplay
Shostakovich Cello Sonata
Butler Organ Recital

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of DACS that will play DSD files from Positive Feeeback Online:
DSD Dac List

The following is a list of software media players that will play DSD files natively:
Audirvana Plus
Channel D Pure Music
J River Media Center for Mac and PC
Signalyst HQPlayer
Teac HR Player
Merging Technologies Emotion