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Merging Pyramix Digital Workstation
Antelope Audio 10m Rubidium Clock
Merging Hapi Digital Converter

PC Audio Labs RokBox MC 7x
Apple MacBook Pro i7

Magix Samplitude ProX for PC Editing Software
Steinberg Wavelab 7 for Mac Editing Software
Weiss Saracon Sample Rate Conversion Software
Weiss POW-r Dithering Software

Studer 810 Reel to Reel with JRF Magnetics Custom Z Heads & Siltech wiring
Nagra 4S with JRF Magnetics Custom Z Heads

Aria tape head pre-amp by ATR Services
deHavilland / KE Engineering Model 222 Vacuum Tube Magnetic
Tape Playback Preamplifier
Retro Instruments 2A3 Dual-channel tube program equalizer

Cables:Anti-Cables by Purist Audio Design, Siltech

VPI Classic Turntable w/ Benz Wood Cartridge
Rogue Audio Ares Phono pre-amp
Emotive Audio Custom Phone pre-amp

Power Sources: PS Audio P10 Power Plant and Power Plant 300

Power Cords: Purist Audio Design, Essential Sound Products

Vibration Control: Symposium Acoustics Rollerblocks, Ultra platforms, Svelte shelves

Sonic Studio CD.1 Professional CD Burner using Mitsui Gold Archival CD's and Archival Gold DVD's